MODULE-S32 SLIM is an aluminum framed glass module for glasses between 6 – 8,76mm.

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This product is EPD certified!

The certificate can be downloaded either from the RTS database by typing "structo" to the search box and selecting the corresponding certificate from the list or from the Documents section that is located in the bottom of this page.

Maximum module height:

2500 mm

Maximum module width:

1000 mm

Suitable glasses with a thickness:

6 - 8,76 mm

Vertical profile dimensions (width x height):

39,5 x 25 mm

Technical Description


MODULE–S32 SLIM is an aluminum framed glass module for glasses between 6 – 8,76mm.

Installation process is swift and simple due to factory assembled modules.

The width of the frame profile is 39,5mm and the height 25mm.

The standard surface finish of aluminum profiles is natural (silver) anodizing but it is also possible to order a painted surface according to the RAL colour catalogue.

Possible types of glass are tempered, laminated or tempered-laminated.

The surface of the glass can be bright, very bright, mass-tinted, background-painted or matte.

The standard floor profile height is 25mm, but it is also possible to choose a 70mm profile with the same width.

A transparent U-gasket is used as the glass seal. 44.2 laminated glass will be  glued to the frame.

The structures adjacent to the product must be strong enough to allow profiles to be attached to them.



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