PORTA-R is a factory assembled portal system with MDF construction with a thickness of 92mm or 120mm and covered with MDF panels.
The system is designed without moldings.

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This product is EPD certified!

The certificate can be downloaded either from the RTS database by typing "structo" to the search box and selecting the corresponding certificate from the list or from the Documents section that is located in the bottom of this page.

Maximum height of the portal if side panels are in one piece:

2790 mm*

* coloured

Maximum height of the portal if side panels are divided into two parts:

3600 mm*

* only with 120mm thickness

Maximum external dimensions of the door frame (width x height):

1090 x 2390 mm*

* with SU-050 door panel

Portal thickness:

92 mm, 120 mm

Technical Description


PORTA-R is a portal with MDF carcass and wooden frame, in which the door frame is not visible from the outside and there is no need to use moldings. The portal has a mounting margin of 5-40mm at the top and 0-20mm on both sides, which is why it is easy to install even if the construction openings are not the same size. The portal can be ordered opening both in and outwards, and in both cases, the door panel is in the same plane as the rest of the portal when viewed from
the outside.

Standard single-panel door frame widths are: M7 (690mm), M8 (790mm), M9 (890mm), M10 (990mm), M11 (1090mm). The standard door frame height is M21 (2090mm). It is also possible to order paired doors, double doors, doors with glass openings and doors of special size. The standard door type is SU-050 (thickness of the door panel is 53mm), but the SU-060 door for increasing soundproofing (thickness of the door panel is 66,5mm) can also be chosen.

Minimum solid door panel width is 250mm and minimum door panel width with a glass opening is 560mm.

Side sections are ideal for connectors, switches, cabling, etc. MDF 10mm panels of one side are glued to the carcass with splines, for attaching the other side (usually, the outer side) both splines or openable clip-system can be chosen. The minimum width of the side panel when installing electrical accessories is 195 mm when viewed from the outside (170mm from the inside). Corresponding dimensions for outside opening portal are 170mm and 182mm.

To increase the soundproofing, mineral wool and up to 2 layers of MDF/plasterboard are installed between the carcass.

If necessary, an acoustic air duct for the transfer air can be ordered above and/or next to the door (Sound Screen).

The structures adjacent to the product must be strong enough to allow profiles to be attached to them.

Possible coatings for panels and door panels are:

  • painted according to RAL, NCS or Tikkurila colour catalogues.
  • covered with natural or technical veneer, which may be stained and varnished, varnished with tinted varnish or painted.

Door frames can be either painted or veneered.

The thresholds are made of oak. It is also possible to order an automatically descending seal.

The standard lock case is ASSA 565-50 and the counterpart ASSA 2864. It is also possible to order other lock cases and counterparts.

The standard solution uses Abloy 3248 hinges. Other hinges can also be used (incl. hidden hinges).

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